New Students

New students to our dojo are accepted anytime during the year although we also arrange introductory meetings in the beginning of each semester. Some important facts that new students should know are:

  • New students to the dojo are accepted anytime during the year.
  • No previous experience is necessary for new students to begin.
  • There is no age limit for the students. Note that Aikido is a martial art that people from all ages practice throughout the world. Since there are no competitions in Aikido, our purpose is only improving ourselves in Bu-do (the way of the warrior).
  • All students and employees of NYU are welcome to join our dojo. We also accept students from outside NYU.
  • Attending all the classes is important for all the students to improve themselves. However if your class schedule coincides with the schedule of the practice sessions, you can also attend only some of the classes during the week.
  • New students and older students always practice together and that is another way that we learn from each other.
  • New students do not have to buy uniforms in the first practice. You can attend the classes for a couple of weeks with comfortable clothes such as sweatsuits (shorts are not recommended).
  • In order to attend the weapons classes all students are required to have wooden weapons (bokken, jo and tanto). New students can also participate in weapons classes provided that they have weapons.
  • And most importantly always try to enjoy the practice..

New students must fill out the New Student Application Form.

Additionally, to join the class, students should register through NYU.