Our Dojo

The Aikido of NYU Dojo was founded in the Spring of 2008, known then as Poly Aikido Dojo. Since then we continue our practice with the light of guidance that Nobuyoshi Tamura Sensei and Nebi Vural Sensei has provided us. Our practice is open to all.

Eurasia Aikido Organization

Our dojo is a member of Eurasia Aikido Organization which is in very privileged partnership with associations from many countries mainly from Europe and Middle East.

The purpose of the Eurasia Aikido Organization, placed under the technical direction of Nebi Vural Sensei, is:

  • to develop, direct, to organize the practice and the teaching of the Aikido
  • to carry out all activities likely to promote the Aikido
  • to decree or allot ranks, titles compatible with the Aikido within the framework of its school
  • to give to each one of its members without discrimination racial, political, religious, professional, social, the possibility of practicing, of seeking a technical improvement and a physical, mental and moral development with the aim of contribute to the harmonious development of the individual.

As you know it, Aikido is a noble and high Japanese BUDO. Our source of teaching is Nobuyoshi TAMURA Sensei. We study and will continue to study to be with the height of this teaching which places the man in the middle of the practice. This teaching opens the way to us which goes from the head in the middle.